Assignments During Shelter in Place

Go to the following youtube link

  • There are 20 videos. After each video, type a summary of the tutorial on a google doc and share to me
    • Be sure to include the link to the video
    • Include the title of the video
    • Include the author/creator of the video
    • Include the date you watched the video and write the summary
    • Save each doc as the name of the title of the video
    • Below is an example of what you turn in

First Name and Last Name




Title of Video

Video link



Write your summary in paragraph form.  Your summary should be at least 5-8 sentences long.  Write what the key points are and why they’re important.  Use proper grammar, spelling and punctuation when writing your summaries.

  • There are 20 videos
  • Do 1 or 2 video summaries per day
  • Do not do more than 2 a day 
  • Do them in order
  • Share your google docs to me upon completion
  • I will email you back to let you know if you are doing them correctly
  • You can email me any questions you may have

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